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Brand & Creative

Your company logo and brand identity is the essence of what your business is about, who you are in your marketplace.

It tells the world how you’re different from your competitors and why a potential customer should be interested in you and your offering – why yours is the right business for that customer.

We invest in the time it takes to really understand your business and its values so we can develop branding, logos and identity that epitomise your values and messages and resonate with your audience. We work with you to understand your competition, your marketplace and how your organisation fits, so that we completely comprehend your business values and how they can be communicated through creative design.

Our Team

Our Team

Our team of graphic designers, brand strategists and creatives work on branding that has an instant strong impact as well as providing a platform for your long-term development strategy. If you’re a start up business looking for a brand identity or your logo and stationery needs a refresh, we can help to get people talking about your business.

Creating more than just logos, we work on identity, redesigning stationery, logo concepts, developing your image library and brand guidelines to uphold the standard of your brand. We can also help with implementing your brand in action across a range of printed material.

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“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”

(Steve Jobs)

Branding & Creative

Why is great design important for your business?

  • Good design makes your brand memorable
  • The right design makes the right first impression
  • Design communicates your message clearly and concisely
  • Design is a great differentiator
  • We can use design to target your products and services to the right audience
  • Design motivates people to take action

How We Work

  • Clear and honest approach
  • Experienced creative design team
  • Pricing for one-off projects and ongoing contracts
  • We work to understand your values and ensure they are at the heart of your brand
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