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Content Marketing

Create, publish and share compelling content online.

Let’s start from the beginning…It’s important to understand your audience – who they are and what they’re interested in. We work with you to create a content strategy to fit with your business and marketing objectives. Our team can then use their copywriting and creative skills to produce compelling content.

Content Marketing

Content Plan & Strategy

The next step is to ensure the content is promoted and reaches your target audience, with reporting to let you know how it’s going. Great content is based in understanding what your audience wants to read about and how that influences them to become customers and advocates of your business.

Our content plan and strategy will link with your marketing strategy and, in particular, with your social strategy and search engine strategy and understanding what is current and relevant for your industry and marketplace. We understand how these 3 elements work together as the basis for your digital strategy. Content writing is an important part of gaining valuable links to and from your website, an essential part of your SEO strategy.

Relevant and engaging content is at the heart of a good marketing strategy and is part of all the elements of your marketing plan. It’s a move away from pushing your product or service and instead looking to provide relevant and useful content to your customers and potential customers.

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“Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.”

(Content Marketing Institute definition)

Content Creation

Good content can be used to raise awareness, build engagement and ultimately to drive sales. It’s about creating a relationship between your business and its prospective buyers. At the heart of this is understanding the customer journey in the buying process and creating content that is relevant to each stage of that journey. What questions do your customers have? What advice do they need? What problems do they have and how can your business help solve them?

We can create blog posts, editorial pieces, web pieces, videos, infographics and guides for your industry. We can help you to structure content curation in your organisation and work with you to ensure processes are in place to gather fantastic content and share it across the appropriate channels for your audience. Our content creation is varied in style, from thought leadership pieces to a more light-hearted humorous style, to suit your audience and requirements.

As with other elements of the digital marketing mix, reporting is an essential part of your content plan and we can produce clear data to show you how great content can increase web traffic, engagement and leads over time.

Why use content marketing for your business?

  • To drive brand awareness
  • To build trust with your audience
  • Works with SEO strategy to increase web traffic and authority
  • To nurture and develop leads
  • To engage with and build relationships with customers

Ready to create content your customers will love?

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