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Email Marketing

Email marketing has been part of the digital marketing toolkit for some time.

It’s evolved to remain a relatively low-cost, fast and effective marketing medium. Part of that evolution is the move away from sending blanket emails to your entire database and towards tailored, personalised messaging for segmented audiences.

Email Marketing Platforms

Email Marketing Platforms

There’s a lot of information online about the various platforms your business could use for email marketing, but how do you know which is best? What if you simply don’t have the time or resource to implement a regular email communication plan? There’s a lot to do, from coming up with content ideas, to sourcing the right images and evaluating the success against your business objectives. We can advise on and take care of your SME email marketing needs.

We can help you create an email campaign to promote a new service or product in your range, or put together a regular newsletter to keep in touch with your clients. Our team can create email communications that not only look amazing, but convert to achieve your goals.

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“The average return on investment from email marketing in the UK is 3001%. That’s £30.01 for every £1 spent.”

(DMA – Direct Marketing Association)

Testing & Reporting

One of the key tools available for email marketing is the ability to split test or A/B testing. Which call to action (CTA) gets most leads? Which subject line gets most opens? Email marketing is an iterative process and we can design different elements to campaigns so we can get the best results for you and your business.

As with all aspects of digital marketing, reporting is crucial in email marketing. We provide insightful reports on email campaigns that help you to evaluate the success of every aspect of your email campaigns, against your business objectives.

Testing and Reporting

Why use email marketing for business?

  • Communicate and build relationships with customers and prospects
  • To increase loyalty and awareness of your products and services
  • For carefully targeted campaigns to market segments
  • To gain quantifiable insight into what your customers are interested in
  • Help maintain relationships with your existing customer base

How we work with you

  • Clear and honest approach
  • Experienced marketers
  • Email marketing campaigns planned and defined with clear objectives to provide tangible return on your investment
  • We understand email marketing and craft emails with compelling copy and creative flair to convert your customer base
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